Every 5 seconds, my wearable device is recording my heartbeats. The company that produced it and sold it to me has all the data my heart creates, however I can only visualize what they choose to show me and I have no access to the raw data.

Everywhere I go, can be and is recorded, but available to me is a certain degree of invisibility. Latitude, longitude and altitude of my location are logged every time they change significantly. This data is used and sold.

Every day the number, speed and direction of my steps is recorded. With a bit of luck I can access the daily statistics.

Everywhere I go, my phone tries to connect to all Wi-Fi routers it finds. In doing so, it sends my MAC address, which is a unique ID representing me and nobody else. I do not know when, or how frequently I have been around these routers, they will.

Every day, humans generate data. Every day, the amount and the quality of data increases. Progress in technology makes big data possible. It seems that everything can be and will be datafyed: identity, location, heartbeats, voice, sentiment, anatomy, behaviour, sleep. Big data alters human condition, gives power and alienates at the same time.

© 2019 by Cristina Dale

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